My Research in International Macroeconomics

    Imperfect Information in Competitive Markets for Sovereign Debt and Unsecured Consumer Credit   
(Job Market Paper. To be available online in October)
Advisor: Professor Marty Eichenbaum

To be presented at:
- Workshop on Game Theory in Trade and Development at the 2011 Game Theory Festival in Stony Brook, NY
- Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics for Young Economists 2011, Beijing, China
- Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society 2011, Seoul, Korea
Presented at the Macroeconomic Lunch Seminar at Northwestern University.

   Reputation, Misreporting GDP and Sovereign Debt
Draft of April 2011 version. Presented at the Macroeconomic Seminar at Northwestern University.

Other Working Projects

  Monetary Policy Game with Global Imbalances (with Lance Kent)

  Big Fish and Small Fish: the IMF vs. Competitive Lenders in Sovereign Debt Markets

  Sovereign Debt Renegotiation and Reserve Accumulation


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